made in Italy

All-round quality in professional cooking.

Gemini Forni
Tutto il gusto della tecnologia italiana

The full taste of Italian technology

Gemini Forni® has been established in Milan since 1987.

It designs and manufactures 100% Made in Italy professional convection ovens for Quick Service Restaurants , delicatessens, restaurant chains, fast food and confectionery industries. Gemini Forni® was one of the first companies in Europe to introduce convection ovens and made history in the Ho.Re.Ca. industry. The experience gained during more than 30 years of business put us in the position of designing and manufacturing a line of products that can guarantee not only impeccable cooking, but also great reliability and convenience of use.

It is precisely because of these characteristics that Gemini Forni® ovens have been in kitchens all over the world for years and are used by large national and international Food & Bakery firms.

Perfection and simplicity to the highest degree.

A single oven for delicatessen, confectionery and bakery.

With a range which was designed to meet the most diverse production requirements, the GEMINI line of ovens is aimed at all catering professionals who are looking for an electric oven that guarantees impeccable cooking, is easy to use and has simple controls.
The perfect combination of performance, ease of use and durability.

  • Certificate UK CA


  • Certificate UK CA

    Gemini ovens comply
    with current regulations.

All the ingredients for your success.

Pane e panettiere, Gemini Forni
Professional, effective, practical, essential

Compact, high-performance ovens, convenient and without unnecessary features. Built using high quality materials to last and designed to ensure optimal, even cooking, every time.

  • Uniformità di cottura
    Cooking uniformity

    High cooking quality under any load condition thanks to double ventilation, shaped baffles and increased distance between trays.

  • Affidabilità massima
    Maximum reliability

    Built with quality materials to last.

  • Dimensione ottimizzata
    Optimised size

    Everything you need packed in less than 60 cm.

  • RC Prodotto
    Product Liability Insurance

    All Gemini ovens are covered by a product liability insurance policy.

  • Non necessita di canna fumaria
    No chimney required
  • Pratica semplicità
    Practical simplicity

    Simple and intuitive controls to quickly set the correct cooking parameters between the trays.

  • Manutenzione facilitata
    Easy maintenance

    Designed with side control panel for easy and quick maintenance

  • Sicurezza dei materiali
    Safe materials

    Aluminium and Teflon coated trays which are MOCA certified for foodstuffs.

  • Personalizzazione

    Customization options for big customers.

  • Easy cleaning

    The enamelled steel cooking chamber makes cleaning much easier and faster.


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